AA Car Insurance – Available Options At The New Zealand Automobile Association

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aa car insurance

How to save money on your AA Car Insurance plan?

  • AA Car Insurance membership. You can save on your installments if you subscribe as a member of the New Zealand AA Car Insurance.
  • AA Car Insurance policy discounts. Redeem value when you purchase 2+ policies.
  • Narrow your coverage. Going for a third-party plan will decrease your cost however double check to make sure you’ll be covered in case of a car accident, theft or accident.
  • Lessen options. The AA Car Insurance allows helpful benefits, such as rental car cover and excess-free for damaged glass damage, though supplementing these selections will raise your premium.

How do I make a claim with AA Car Insurance?

You can present a claim application online or via calling the AA to rise your case. The AA will ask that you follow these actions:

  • Apprise the police about your accident
  • Give sufficient details of the collision to the AA
  • Give complete specifications of all people affected to the AA
  • Get verification from the AA before joining in the replacement and repair process
  • Assure that your auto is there when an inspection by the AA needs to be performed

aa car insurance

What distinguish AA Car Insurance?

All car insurance company has a different assemblage of bonuses. As for AA Car Insurance, it provides the following advantages:

  • Repair guarantee. Repair and replacements offered as an outcome of a claim are backed for the entire lifetime of your wheels.
  • Drivers under 25. You can release another person who may be a young inexperienced driver who is included in the policy to use your car, and yet, you’ll be able to file for claims in the event of an accident.

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