AXA Car Insurance Types Of Policies & Their Costs

AXA company offers healthcare, investment, and many other insurance products, including the renowned AXA Car Insurance. In 2014, it was entitled Interbrand’s leading global insurance trademark for 6 years in a row.

AXA Car Insurance

Overview of AXA Car Insurance

AXA Car Insurance offers two types of insurance policy: comprehensive cover, and third party, fire, and theft insurance policy coverage.

  • AXA Car Insurance (TPFT) Third party, fire, and burglary reimburse you for suffering to other people’s vehicles or belongings, and harm to others. Moreover, AXA Car Insurance will fix or redeem the vehicle if it is destroyed by fire or vandalism, as well as providing either one-night accommodation or another transportation if the vehicle is too damaged to be driven safely on the road.

In case of the car needs to be repaired by any of the approved AXA Car Insurance, a service car is rendered for the insured person.

  • Comprehensive AXA Car Insurance policy includes all the previously mentioned benefits, in addition to covering you for any incidental scratches to your owned auto. Other bonuses are £5,000 personal collision insurance coverage, replacing and repairing the windscreen if any decay is detected. The AXA Car Insurance even provides coverage when you mistakenly put the wrong sort of fuel in your car.

Whichever AXA Car Insurance policy you choose, Axa gives diverse elective additions, to guarantee you receive the appropriate cover for your wants. The supplementary electives cover an upgraded service car that can be suitable for 7-passenger, a 4×4 or sports auto for motorists who require to replace a similar vehicle.

AXA Car Insurance

How much does AXA Car Insurance cost?

The cost of your premium will vary depending on an assembly of constituents – including the drivers” age, level of expertise, the place where you park the car overnight, and which no-claims premium you have cumulated, and of course the type of your car.

To obtain the soundest price offers and the latest deals for your exact requirements, contact AXA Car Insurance.

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