Best Car Insurance Rates & What Impact Them?

Best Car Insurance Rates – There are several insurers offering some of the Best Car Insurance Rates with different levels of guarantees.

Best Car Insurance Rates

Best Car Insurance Rates

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements by State, US insurers generally offer four types of insurance.

  • Best Car Insurance Rates For Bodily injury liability (BIL)

This insurance covers damage to persons other than the insured driver or his passengers and compensates them for serious injuries or permanent injuries as a result of an accident for which the insured is responsible.

It also bears the costs if the accident was caused by a driver other than the insured, but covered by the policy of the latter. It can also pay legal fees in case of filing legal claims.

  • Best Car Insurance Rates For Liability for property damage caused to third parties

The insurance covers damage caused by the insured in the course of a car accident on the property of another person, such as a house, a fence, a garage door or a bicycle, in the event that the insured is declared responsible.

Best Car Insurance Rates

  • Best Car Insurance Rates For Personal injury protection (PIP)

This insurance reimburses the insured, the family members or the occupants of the accident vehicle medical costs (ambulance, doctors, hospitalization, radiotelegraphy, drugs, rehabilitation, prosthesis, psychiatry, etc.), funeral expenses, lost wages or childcare expenses.

All of these costs are covered regardless of who is responsible for the accident. It also covers the insured if he is injured as a passenger in someone else’s car. This is the coverage most often required in states where the insurance system is based on “no-fault liability”.

  • Best Car Insurance Rates For Liability for damage caused by an uninsured driver

This policy covers injuries and damage caused by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver. It compensates medical expenses, injury, and affliction, as well as the loss of wages of the insured and his passengers.

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