How To Treat Mesothelioma – Hopes of treatment for mesothelioma

How To Treat Mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is the type of cancer linked to asbestos. So far, the prognosis still very disheartening. But new therapeutic strategies are emerging.

Although banned since 1997, asbestos continues to wreak havoc. Mesothelioma is responsible for 600 to 800 deaths per year. This pleural cancer is typically related to asbestos, a material long used in insulation and construction.

Since the disease only starts to reveal itself may be 35 years after the actual time of exposure, experts estimate that the number of patients is expected to peak in 2020. So let’s see what are the available therapies suggestions on How To Treat Mesothelioma

How To Treat Mesothelioma How To Treat Mesothelioma Or Grant A longer life expectancy

Unfortunately, there’s no treatment is available, at least for the moment, to cure mesothelioma. But new therapies are extending the life expectancy of patients by several months.

Rising Therapeutic Approaches –  How To Treat Mesothelioma

  • They were presented on March 15, 2016, at a symposium organized by the National Association for the Defense of Asbestos Victims and a national network of mesothelioma experts. New molecules support conventional chemotherapy methods as well as many other clinical trials, in progress in various clinics, show encouraging results.
  • Researchers at Bradford University (UK) have another approach. In a study published Feb. 11 in BMC cancer, they explain the hopes raised by HRX9, a drug that, administered to mice for three weeks, blocks the proliferation of cancer cells. This drug targets the HOXB4 protein whose high levels are linked to decreased survival in patients with mesothelioma.

How To Treat Mesothelioma

How To Treat Mesothelioma ⇒ “These treatments represent a promising therapeutic advance in the 2nd or 3rd line of treatment for patients with non-operable malignant pleural mesothelioma”, say researchers at the French Intergroup for Thoracic Oncology (ITTC),

  • It should be noted that the first clinical studies conducted on How To Treat Mesothelioma with ipilimumab and nivolumab have shown activity in many types of cancers, including malignant melanoma and lung cancer for which nivolumab has been authorized for selling.

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